Advice for Mature Aged Workers

Mature-aged workers are prime candidates for employment

In the context of an ageing population and a declining supply of skills and labour, Clexan-Peak Personnel recognises the value of experienced mature-aged workers. Mature-aged workers and job seekers are able to provide the essential professional standard on top of the experience and qualifications necessary to be relied on in their profession.

Furthermore, "older" workers also tend to have venerable life experiences to apply to decision-making and are good mentors for younger employees as they can aid in the transfer of skills, knowledge and organisational wisdom.

Here are a few tips to help mature-aged jobseekers to maximise potential employment opportunities:

  • Register with a few industry-related personnel agencies relevant to your area of expertise. Note, contract work can provide an especially good means for persons nearing retirement to balance work and life.
  • Revise your resumé in relation to details such as nature of work/projects carried out, particular responsibilities, outcomes and achievements.
  • Keep your eye on the internet, scan the employment sections of newspapers and follow up on any contacts you have made over the years.
  • Keep your options open when considering work locations as this will increase potential employment opportunities.

Re-published with permission from Clexan-Peak Personnel

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