How to Choose a Referee

Choosing referees to get you over the line!

So you've aced the job application part and the interview part. What could possibly stop you from being the successful candidate?

Believe it or not, poor choice of referees can sometimes be the difference between securing a job opportunity or not.

According to recruitment specialist, Clexan-Peak Personnel, reference checking is crucial to the recruitment process in validating claims made by the applicant. So when it comes to choosing someone to speak on your behalf

Who should you list as a referee in your resumé?

Referees need to be work-related and must be able to give a detailed account of your work and your abilities.

  • Direct supervisors are usually the most appropriate.
  • Do not select a senior person who may have been too far removed from your work situation to comment with authority on your performance/achievements.
  • Also consider nominating someone you regularly work with from outside the organisation e.g. a client or supplier.

What referree details should you include in your resumé?

It is essential to provide the full name, title, company details and contact telephone number of each referee.

Written references detailing your achievements and strengths can supplement referees but are not always essential.

References from fellow workers and personal references are not considered to be relevant in most cases.

Re-published with permission from Clexan-Peak Personnel

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