How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to prepare for a job interview

Everyone gets nervous. The more information and knowledge you have before your interview, the more confident you will feel. Make sure you research and practise, practise, practise!

Research the potential employer

Find out as much as possible about the organisation.

  • Size, structure, location
  • Products / services
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Future plans / growth

Try these sources to research your potential employer:

  • Organisation's website
  • Annual reports (company website or hard copy from the company)
  • Advertising material / Publications / Information from the press
  • Contacts who work for the organisation

Find out more about the job being offered

Determine the main focus, challenges, barriers, opportunities, tasks and responsibilities involved in the job being offered.

Knowing this enables you to anticipate questions for the interview and demonstrate motivation, interest, and qualities to succeed in the role.

Prepare and rehearse your job interview responses

  • Jot down key points / small summaries of your key selling messages
  • Practise speaking in front of the mirror
  • Use friends / family to role play the job interview
  • Prepare some questions you may have about the role or employer

During the interview

Body language try to relax your body and have an open body manner. This will make you feel more settled and project a positive image.

Ensure you stay on track with your answers. If you do not understand a question, don't be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Take a moment to consider your response and offer the most relevant answer ensuring you keep to the original question. Answer the question and don't "waffle".

At the end of the interview

You may be asked if you have any questions of the interviewers. This is the time to ask the questions you have prepared. Be confident to ask what the next steps are and the timeframes.

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