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Tips for a succesful job interview

Do some research on the company. Visit their website, collect a company brochure or simply contact the receptionist to get a feel for the company and culture.

  • Be on time! We recommend that you arrive a few minutes early. No more than fifteen minutes but no less than five. Ensure that you know where you are going!
  • Ensure that you know the interviewer's name and correct pronunciation.
  • Remember to remove your coat before going in to an interview room. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and sincere smile. Relax! Be gracious and courteous.
  • Dress and groom yourself professionally. First impressions are lasting impressions! It's always better to be "over-dressed" than "under-dressed."
  • Show an interest. Ask questions about the company and the job to determine whether it fits your career and life criteria.
  • Show confidence and let them know what your career objectives are.
  • Show enthusiasm and responsiveness to questions by maintaining eye contact.
  • Try not to answer with simple "yes" or "no" statements.
  • Ensure that you are prepared with answers regarding your strengths and weaknesses, why you want to work for the company, what makes you the best candidate for the job, what management style you work best with, how you handle conflicts (internal and external), and any contributions and ideas that you have put forward in past roles.
  • Listen to the question being asked, answer the question and don't elaborate more than necessary.
  • Discuss any outstanding achievements that you have made in your career eg. new ideas that you might have used to make you more efficient and anything that may demonstrate your ability as a hard worker or leader (club memberships, regular salary increases). What makes you different?
  • Don't lie! If you have no experience in a particular field, let them know that you are keen and a quick learner.
  • Ask more questions! e.g what is the culture of the company, company growth potential, inductions, training etc.
  • Don't make negative comments about previous employers or colleagues.
  • Be sure to maintain a SMILE!
  • Don't discuss your political or religious views.
  • If you are interested in the position tell them so! Ask them when are they going to make a decision and whether there is going to be a second interview.
  • If they offer the position but need time to think it over, set a date that you can get back to them and stay true to that date.
  • Finish off by shaking hands and thanking the interviewer for their time.
  • Send the interviewer a thank you note or e-mail after the interview again stating your interest.

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