Re-entering the Workforce

Re-entering the workforce: 5 tips for success!

With just a little effort, you could be relishing the challenge of a new role before you know it!

Conduct a career audit

What do you want to do? Something you've done previously or something new? Talk to everyone you know, research the internet and make a list of appealing career options. List your skills, strengths, interests and areas for development. What are you passionate about? Considered full-time, part-time, job-share and work-from-home options? What suits you best?

Be prepared to re-enter the workforce

Do you need to dust off or upgrade your computer skills? Enrol in a course to bring your skills up to date. Critically assess your working wardrobe but remember, good grooming is more important than an expensive outfit. Update your resume, include contact details, education, professional qualifications, past employment history details and achievements. Try to keep your resume under 3 pages.

Outline your jobsearch strategy

There's a huge variety of roles for a myriad of industries available, but don't 'spam' your resume to everyone. Be selective and always include a tailored covering letter. Follow up an emailed resume with a telephone call. Use your networks to find out about jobs that may not be advertised. Many roles are filled through word-of-mouth.

Practice selling yourself in a job interview

Sell yourself. The first interviews may be daunting, but see them as learning opportunities. Take constructive feedback to heart. Persistence pays. Be upbeat, positive and enthusiastic. The right attitude will open more doors than you thought possible.

Get your foot in the door

Be open to learning opportunities that come your way, you'll be an asset and enhance your future employability. Enjoy the challenge!

Re-published with permission from Barber & Bunton

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