What to do at a Job Interview

10 tips for what to do during a job interview

Successful interviews require proper research, practise, presentation and follow up. Below are 10 tips for candidates to remember to be successful during an interview:

  • Arrive early and be thoroughly prepared.
  • Use your smile :, whenever appropriate.
  • Display a positive body language i.e. firm handshake, good posture, no crossed hands, maintain good eye contact.
  • Be an attentive listener.
  • Answer to the point and elaborate using examples where applicable, however try to avoid answering using simply 'Yes' and 'No'.
  • Speak positively about past employers.
  • Being nervous is normal during an interview, don't lose focus and don't let that disturb you in any way.
  • Use specific examples from your past experiences to positively highlight your strengths (behavioural interviewing).
  • Make sure you ask questions when offered i.e. one to two questions.
  • Remember to 'sell' yourself!

Good luck.

Re-published with permission from Mint Recruitment

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